Child Face Shields (2-Pack)

Child Face Shields (2-Pack)

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Our Child Face Shields offer full facial protection from splashes of contaminated particles in the air. Each shield is perfectly sized for children. The shield extends to the neck for full coverage without hindering mobility. The shield is crystal clear for good visibility. For non-medical use only. Sold in packs of 2 pieces.

Sizes Available:
One Size - Child (Adjustable)
Product Features:
- Made in Canada
- Full coverage down to the neck
- Protection from splashes and air contaminants
- Clear peripheral vision
- Does not impede movement or mobility
- Shield weighs 1oz for light-weight comfort
- Adjustable fit
- Reusable: Simply clean with soap or wipe with disinfectant

Suitable for use in the following settings:
- Schools
- Buses or Public Transportation
- Camp
- Small Gatherings
- Store visits